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Thread: Automatic Water Change System

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    Default Automatic Water Change System

    I just finished my 100% automatic water change system for my discus tank( no fishes yet).
    Just one click then system will auto pump water off from the aquarium to designed level ( though 2 water sensors) and pump water conditioner and fresh water in (aged over night)
    It takes about 5minutes to complete changing about 50g.
    The controller sync up all data to cloud.
    User can access & control the system anywhere though friendly web interface or just press a button.

    Water change is never be easier lol.
    Just share my idea that may help others.
    Less time for water change, More time for enjoying your fishes.

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    Default Re: Automatic Water Change System

    Hi and welcome to Simply Discus, by the way if you feel like it you could introduce yourself by posting a thread on the welcome section, telling us a bit more about yourself, your tank/s and fish.
    Really interested to see how you set up the water changer but can't open the FB link

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