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Thread: Algae or Cyno?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluelagoon View Post
    It's been five days now.If it was me with cyano it would be gone by now.I had it this summer for a couple of days.It comes in from the air;it's every where.This is one of the most primitive life forms and will survive just about any where it can get a foot hold.Black the tank out for three days usually is all it takes along with cleaning and large WC's.Plants will go that long with no effect on them.If it don't work the first time;try it again but this time without peaking so you don't let any light in during that period.I've had this a number of times over the years and the black out method and cleaning always got rid of it.The treatment will also work for algae.
    I do the same exact things and works all the time.

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    My past experience:
    I 've covered my completly cyano infestated tank with blankets before my 4 day winter vacation and added heavy surface movement (aeration).
    4 days after i got back home to a sparkling clean tank and water .

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