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    My recent fluke of my disus laying eggs got me very interested. So I purchased a breeding tank and payed 275 for 2 nice 6 inch discus. I when to the guy's house and he has been breeding them..proven breeders! He says he bought the RO water at the supermarket? Is this the same as soft water? And he keeps the temp at 83... Says they always lay eggs and I saw 3 tanks of fry.. different stages. I always use TAP and hold it for at least 24 hours in a heated up bin 55 Gal..it a 90 gallon tank. My temp is 85.

    Would I really need to lower my temp and use RO to get them the breed? He said it will not work else wise. Thanks for any advice!

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    It all depends on your water. You will have to check your pH, kH, and TDS before I can give you an answer. RO from the supermarket is very expensive compared to water from an RO unit, but if you need softer water to breed, and you're only dealing with one breeding pair it might be the way you should go.
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