I have 2 Discus that paired up in my 90 gallon community tank. There are 7 other Discus and a few Rams in the tank. They have laid eggs and are guarding them right now. I would like to put them in my 55 gallon thatís not set up yet. I heard I should wait until they breed again to strengthen their bond before I remove them. Anyway do I just fill up my 55 with fresh water and take the filter media from the 90 and put it in the 55? It would be from a AC 110 to an AC110. 7FB4D087-4586-422B-ACB6-E81F0B50A3E4.jpg Also can anyone identify the type of Discus they are. I think the rRed is a Red Melon. The other I donít know?Then do I wait a while to put the pair in the 55 or can I do it right away?