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    I called Kenny about three weeks ago and asked him to hold a couple of male Blue Diamonds for me. ( No guarantees, of course, but who has seen more discus than Kenny?) I have three very round and confirmed female BD's. When the October shipment came in, Kenny let me know that there were some good ones to pick over. So I ordered two and arranged for a shipment after quarantine.

    As it turned out, I had to go to the Bay Area for a funeral the week prior. Despite a full schedule, Kenny was agreeable to my stopping by his place at 10 PM on a weeknight! To make a long story short, he showed me the fish and they were everything we talked about.

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    Of course, Kenny is not only a helpful person but also a great salesman. He held out a Penang Eruption that he knew I couldn't resist. So that fish joined the shipment. You're looking at the fish after a week of quarantine.

    Thanks, Kenny
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    As always Kenny's discus are just top notch. I can't wait for the next shipment announcement! I'm hoping to snag some before they all disappear like that last one. Yours are beautiful man, I always have the pleasure of picking mine up directly from him and he's just a wonderful person and very caring and knowledgeable.

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    Willie those are stellar but then thats to be expected! Congrats on the new fish. They really are gorgeous!

    Preordering with Kenny is the way to go when you need something specific.He has come through for me in the past also.

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    It was my pleasure meeting you again since the last ACA show back in 2005/2006? Thank you for your repeated orders and positive feedback. Hope you enjoy them!

    Al, John;

    Thanks so much my friends!

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