Hey All,

I intend to use Meth Blue the next time my pair lays eggs. These two have produced free swimmers before. But for the last several months, after I moved them, all their spawns turn white and then get eaten. It starts with a couple individual eggs, then spreads to the rest. So seems like fungus to me.

I intend to use Meth Blue in the tank with the parents, to help the eggs along.

My questions are:
- does Meth Blue kill bacteria in the filter? If so, should I remove the sponge filter for a couple days till they hatch? I can do big WC to keep up with WQ during that time.
- will Meth Blue harm the parents?
- will it discolor the parents skin/scales? I understand it will stain the equipment.
- how much should I dose? I have a bottle coming from Jehmco but don't know if it will include directions for this usage.

Thank you all!