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Thread: Only fish in tank with cloudy eyes

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    Default Only fish in tank with cloudy eyes

    Disease Questionnaire - please complete

    Please complete this questionnaire if your fish are sick (copy and paste). The more details you can provide, the better we are able to diagnose and help you treat your sick fish.



    1. Please explain the problems with your fish. When did you notice the problems and did anything unusual happen that you think started them?
    I have one Discus with very cloudy eye, the problem started 1 month ago

    2. Symptoms (i.e. turning dark, excess slime, not eating, clamped fins, flashing, darting, clamped gills, white/yellow/green poop, hiding, headstanding or tailstanding, white on tips of fins, rotting or fungus, blisters/white zits on fish, bloated, cloudy eyes, wounds).
    Cloudy eyes

    3. What medications/ treatments have you already tried and what were the results. Include dosage and duration of treatment.

    Just increased water changes no medication


    4. Tank size and ages, numbers and sizes of fish.
    75 gallon ,bare bottom. 7 adult fish 6.5 inches

    5. Water change regime (What percentage and how often).
    75 % once a week

    6. How long has tank been running? Is it bare bottom? If you have substrate, what type and how deep is it?
    1 year bare bottom

    7. Do you age your water? If you do for how long and what is the ph swing.

    8. Parameters and water source;

    Note: Water Parameters are important in diagnosing problems within a tank. If you don't own test kits for the following information, you can purchase them, test your parameters and post this info as soon as possible.

    - temp __82___

    - ph 8_____

    - ammonia reading o_

    - nitrite reading _o___

    - nitrate reading _0___

    What type of water or combinations of water sources do you use? If it is an RO/tap/well water mix, please list percentages in the mix.

    - well water ____

    - municipal water X

    - RO water ____

    9. Any new fish, plants or inverts added recently.

    10. Please tell us what you feed your fish and how often. This can be critical information for solving the problem so be as specific as you can.

    Live black worms every day brine, blood worms flake

    11. Include any pictures or videos you have which shows the symptoms. If you can't add them to this post, please provide a link to them.

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    Default Re: Only fish in tank with cloudy eyes

    Can you post some pics? Also when you say you increased water changes... what were you doing and what are you currently doing? 75% once a week is not really going to help if the cloudy eyes are from a water quality issue.

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