Admit it, you like showing off your best discus. I get it, really I do. There is a tremendous amount of pressure in focus groups like ours for the best to be highlighted. I mean who doesn't want to see pics of beautiful Discus?

But seriously, most people have some real odd balls too, they just don't show them. Let the misfits, uglies , should have been culleds, and mutts have their day in this thread. Post a pic of your worst discus... thats right, worst discus as far shape, pattern, color whatever. Purists need not apply on this one.,, this isn't for the top 10%, we want the lower 50% here.

Obviously no bashing allowed. But maybe a healthy discussion of why its not a great Discus by our hobby standards. It may help others and maybe they aren't as bad as you think.

Soooooo... I double dog dare to stand up and be counted as having a not so perfect Discus. Past photos are allowed if you own them. You need to own the fish or have owned it.

Anybody got guts?