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Thread: Can discus breed too often?

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    Default Can discus breed too often?

    Is there any harm in discus repeatedly laying eggs that don't end up hatching?

    I have 8 discus in a planted 125g community tank for about six months now. For the last two months two groups of discus have paired off and have been laying eggs every few days on opposite sides of the tank. The females are constantly swimming around with their breeding tubes extended for example.

    The fish seem very happy, I'm just nervous that too much egg laying might start to weaken them. (since the fry don't hatch/make it, the parents never have a break to raise the fry, and just keep laying eggs every few days.)

    Sorry if this is a dumb question! When I looked in Google I got a ton of results, but they were all about how to raise the eggs/fry.

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    Default Re: Can discus breed too often?

    No. It's the raising of fry that takes a toll on them.
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    Default Re: Can discus breed too often?

    The biggest issue with them laying eggs alot is that if they are young and growing they will not grow as big as they could have. Egg production also takes alot of resources so be sure to feed them very well.

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