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Thread: babies eaten by parents!

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    Default babies eaten by parents!

    Hi. My name is Louisa and I am a new member, and not so experienced with discus.
    My husband and I have an aquarium with 9 discus which we bought second hand in April from a private person.
    We absolutely love and admire them! They are so beautiful and so intelligent!
    We have been reading a lot about discus, and and ours now formed couples and started laying eggs, which did not develop because the water here is very hard.
    We have 5 females that are laying eggs. So we decided to build 2 breeding tanks and moved 2 couples there. One couple was successful right away and have
    20 1 month old babies. They are still feeding sometimes from the parents, but eat BBS and feed on parents food, too. The parents are amazingly good.
    Couple 2 were not successful until a week ago. 40 babies hatched, and eventually attached to the father. The mother didn’t seem attentive, but
    eventually would have the babies for short periods. Yesterday I thought it strange that the male seemed angry with her and was biting her, but I thought it was
    because she was not “pulling her weight”. This morning I had a big shock when the week old babies had all disappeared and there were new eggs on the heater!
    I am totally shocked and sick to my stomach. The babies were doing so well! And we were looking so forward to seeing them develop like the ones in the other
    tank. These new eggs will not hatch because they are on the heater, but I don’t know if I should allow them to breed again. can someone advise me?
    I will post some pictures later on.

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    Default Re: babies eaten by parents!

    A young pair will often behave this way and some never get it right.

    Existing fry can be seen as a danger to a new spawn and get eaten.

    Some people will remove one parent and let the other raise the spawn. I've actually had a male kill the female.

    If you want to breed discus, let them continue. Hopefully they will get it right in the future!

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    Default Re: babies eaten by parents!

    Let the other couple raise the babies.


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    Default Re: babies eaten by parents!

    Next time they spawn remove the female afterward. An inexperienced female (sometimes even an experienced one) will eat the existing kids when they are ready to spawn again.
    Mama Bear

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