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Thread: Finally...success!

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    Default Finally...success!

    Hey All!

    Wanted to share my success here with those who can really appreciate it.

    I've been trying to breed my Discus for a while. Between a slow learning curve for my pairs and then some breaks I had to take, it's been about a year.

    Some time off work around Thanksgiving gave me the chance to try artificial raising. I'm very happy to say that it was a success!

    Today is Day 8 after free swimming and I have 130 strong looking fry, from the one spawn. This is after losing about 20 runts & deformities. I know more culls may become apparent as they grow, but overall I'm pretty happy with these numbers.

    The remaining 130 seem to be eating well and are quite active. I'm very excited to see how they grow. It's tough to sleep at night because I'm so excited for the next day (kind of weird I know, haha).

    I'd totally welcome any constructive feedback or tips. If anyone is interested I can share details of my setup and care regiment.

    Take care!


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    Default Re: Finally...success!

    Congrat!!! I can share the excitement. I think I am heading toward your direction as well on my next batch of spawn. I am however trying the untinkable, raising ONE little dude left from the last batch. Posted a thread here if you want to check it out and offer your advise.

    What do you feed your and how?

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