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Thread: Acclimation question for the Challengers..

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    Default Acclimation question for the Challengers..

    Hi all,
    I had mean't to ask this in beginning but for reference facts, could you all tell us how you acclimated the fish when you received them for the contest?
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    Default Re: Acclimation question for the Challengers..

    Post #14 in the grow-out thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Second Hand Pat View Post
    By the time I had stacked the bags for a picture the bag temp had cooled to 86.


    So I hurried to get the bags into the tank so they did not cool down to fast. The fish seems pretty lively in the bag. Once the bag temp matched the tank temp I cut each bag (fish were double bagged) and eased the fish into a net (these guys are tiny) and eased them into the tank (drop and plop). No bag water in the tank.

    The strain in the tank is rooibos tea just to darken the water a bit. I do this with all my wild fish. No lights. You can see their fins are clamped a bit and have one under the heater. Now to let them recover from shipping. No sure when I will try to introduce food. I would like to see them looking for food before trying.

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    Default Re: Acclimation question for the Challengers..

    I floated the bags for 15-20 min, strained out the water in a bucket, and dropped them in. Since they were in the bags for a couple days and unfortunately one didnít make it through shipping, I was in a rush to get them in the tank. That being said, this is how I usually do it.

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    Default Re: Acclimation question for the Challengers..

    Hope this will help those who will be receiving fry from Al this week... Here's what I did (post #11 in my thread):

    Quote Originally Posted by Tshethar View Post
    Fish are here!!!!

    Attachment 118521

    Thanks for everything, Al. I can only imagine what the last day has been like after all the work you've put into these guys, with the packing job one small slice.

    Floating them, temp at 83-84.

    Attachment 118523

    Looking good in the bags...

    Attachment 118524

    Decided to go with net and dump... only so much time at home today, and they look ready to go.

    Attachment 118525

    One fish headed to the top corner, but everybody else is out and about from the get-go...

    Attachment 118526

    And thanks for the sponge. Stacked it and will hope for the best there.

    Leaving them for the rest of the day and will see what they look like in a few hours.
    I think maybe the most important thing is what came next, which was Al's recommendation to dose with salt at 1-2 tbs/10 gallons to help ease them in. I'm not sure if it is for osmotic pressure to help with O2 or for possible nitrite toxicity, but it did seem like a nice tonic for them. Kept it up for a while afterwards.

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    Default Re: Acclimation question for the Challengers..

    Since my shipping was delayed and I had one DOA, I just took them out and put them in..

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