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Thread: I got a lifer.. whoohe!!!!!!

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    Default Re: I got a lifer.. whoohe!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by brewmaster15 View Post
    I left the park and was on my way out when I saw this fellow (Coopers Hawk).. I posted a pic taken with the old camera around the world camera but these are better...




    Funny how it goes.. I thought I was going to have an eventful day, and ended up with a cool memory. Thats why I Like photography and getting out doors so much.

    Awesome, I love these guys.

    I used to hunt with a female sparrowhawk (European equivalent to the coops) when I was living in Ireland 16 years ago.

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    Default Re: I got a lifer.. whoohe!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by brewmaster15 View Post
    Bachman's Sparrow
    King Rail
    Wilson's Phalarope
    Greater Prairie Chicken
    Rock Ptarmigan
    Great Gray Owl
    Hawk Owl
    White Crowned Pigeon
    Smooth Bill Ani
    Blackbilled Magpie
    Northern Wheatear
    Bohemian Waxwing
    Yellow-Headed Blackbird
    Western Tanager
    Henslow's Sparrow

    Thats my most wanted 15 for the USA
    It's been at least 40 years since I've seen either a Greater Prairie Chicken, or a Ptarmigan - saw both in mid & northern Saskatchewan, but haven't been back there since.

    I understand populations of these birds have become sparser in their Canadian habitats as the years have passed, but I expect you could still spot some in the Prairies of our country - summer/fall for the Prairie Chicken, to winter for Ptarmigan.

    Have no idea where you'd find Ptarmigan in the U.S. - perhaps northern Minnesota - parts of Michigan - perhaps the Dakotas. As for Prairie chicken, maybe the grain fields of areas like Wisconsin & surrounding states ?

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