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Thread: Fish websites here.....

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    Default Fish websites here.....

    If you have a personal website or fish related website you can share it in this thread, Commercial fish websites are allowed 1 post in this thread only. Facebook pages and groups are not allowed. Only real websites. This isn't for hard selling, just to give members a chance to let others know about their business. Its not to be abused and not for Discussion purposes. Members wanting to hard sell must contact me regarding a sponsorship. Forum Mods will monitor it closely and remove posts as needed.
    I do ask that you please link back to the forum on your website and if you do sell something, please don't forget us. donate

    You must have 30 posts minimum to share your business here.

    If anyone want to purchase from the business, contact them through their website, not Simply. or this thread.

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    Default Re: Fish websites here.....

    Hi admin,

    Thanks for allowing us to share our websites with our fellow fish keepers.

    My website, Cichlid Crazy is about keeping African cichlids. I tried other species of fish, including discus, arowana, and oscars earlier in the hobby but African cichlids became my passion. My wife still prefers my old discus tank.

    Here is a photo of my discus tank from back in 2012.

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