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Thread: Quarantine or not?

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    Default Quarantine or not?

    Hi I have a discus that is eating but he is a bit skinny and top fins are clamped, he also misses the food a lot, and eyes gone darker.

    He is hanging around with the group of 5 others. He is an adult, though I got him a few months ago from someone else who used to feed him only bloodworms.

    They are all eating northfin gold for a while already.

    I have already used prazi/metro in the tank and all other fish are doing well. This discus is the second in the Peking order.

    I'm wondering, is it worth taking him out of the tank to hospital tank and try some levamisole to try treat any adult worms that he might have? Or even trying to fatten him up a bit before he goes back to the main tank.

    Or should I keep him where he is and try do it in the main tank? Cause once I take him out I feel like I will disrupt the order and it might be difficult for him to restablish himself.

    This question is what you usually do when your discus doesn't seem to be doing well, besides water changes.

    Do you separate or keep together not to further disrupt and stress him?

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    Default Re: Quarantine or not?

    When I have only 1 or 2 discus out of the whole group showing signs of disease I take them out and QT them for further treatment and care .
    QT Is always super clean and Waterchanged more than my display tank , and any further treatment is based on symthoms and observations .

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