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Thread: New Tank - Sump vs Canister Questions

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    Default New Tank - Sump vs Canister Questions

    I am setting up a new 135 gallon discus tank. Since I am a newbie, I obviously want good filtration, but I also want a quiet tank. I have several questions under each option and will number them in the hopes that people will be nice enough to respond.

    Sump - I would plan to use an Ecotech Vectra M1 which has a stated GPH flow of 2000 (probably somewhat less in operation). I know discus don't like a lot of flow but I would assume that there is a tradeoff in the effectiveness of the sump with lower flow rates.

    1. What is the recommended gph/turnover rate that I should not exceed.
    2. What model of Sump would be recommended? I am a terrible DIY guy, but the premade sumps mostly seem to be made for saltwater. I have looked at the Seamless Sump by Custom Aquariums but it is expensive and I'm not sure it holds enough media.
    3. What is the best overflow method. I have a bottom drilled tank now with an internal overflow box and it is noisy. Are there recommended alternatives?

    Canisters - I would use two canisters and was thinking of the Eheim Pro+ 600 which has a GPH of 312. I have one of these now and it is very quiet. I know Fluval FX6 is well liked, but seems to be louder.

    4. Would the Flow from the 2 Eheims be about right?
    5. On one of the canister outflow lines, I would install an in-line heater - either the Hydor of the ISTA - any recommendations?
    6. On the other canister, I was thinking of installing an in-line UV filter. Do I need this and if so, any recommendations?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Default Re: New Tank - Sump vs Canister Questions

    I use sumps for my discus but all they are are cheap 1 per gallon aquariums 20 long from petco that I load up with 4X 2 inch thick foam sheets I get from Swiss Tropicals. Water enters one end....exits the other....not drilled or anything just basic pvc pipeing. I use a prefilter sponge inside the tank so I rarely need to mess with the sponge in the sump. I think the 20 Long work great for tanks up to 75G.

    Don't bother with UV, just do lots of water changes.

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    Default Re: New Tank - Sump vs Canister Questions

    I have a 200 gallon fully planted tank, and I run TWO Fluval FX6s. I find them to be extraordinarily quiet. Both are filled to the brim with Biohome Ultimate media in all trays. The FX6 has so much filtration, that you can actually remove a few of the foam filters to make room for more biomedia.

    Now that my tank is 9 months old, it seems to have fully cycled. All I have to do is one 75% water change per week. My ammonia is always zero, as are my nitrites. My nitrates never get above 10 and are usually hovering between zero and 5.

    My 2c.

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