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Thread: Fluval FX6 Media Ideas

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    Question Fluval FX6 Media Ideas

    Hi all,

    I am setting up a new 152 gallon discus tank and decided to use fluval fx6 for filtration. But i read lots of things about filtration media. Before i order a filtration media, i want to ask you your opinions. Below, i share my final decision and waiting your reply.

    - Top: Mecpro (Eheim)
    - Mid: Biomech (Eheim) and Substrat Pro (Eheim)
    - Bottom: Purigen or Zeolith - havent decided yet -

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Fluval FX6 Media Ideas

    Keep the course sponges on the outer perimeter of the trays. The waters flows down the middle from the top down, other canisters are opposite. My upper inside tray has a medium sponge on top then a fine polishing sponge. They are about 3/4" thick so there's room for bio media of your choice under these sponges and the lower 2 trays. I have mine filled with Bio Home Ultimate because I bought a large amount several years ago. There are lots of different media that work well, doesn't have to be expensive, the bacteria can't tell. More bio media doesn't mean more good bacteria, the media isn't the limiting factor, unless it's not enough, but in an FX6 it's not likely. There will only be enough bacteria that load will support. Five discus will support X amount of bacteria, whether in it's in a coffee can full of media or a swimming pool filled with media. I don't use any chemical filtration at all. Tried it, fell for the hype, and saw no benefit, so I stopped. I only use carbon to remove medications. The most important thing in a canister is to understand how the water flows through it and make sure the water is clean before reaching your bio media in the middle trays. I know this was an old thread and didn't understand why it had no replies. Maybe this will help someone else.
    God Bless

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