This is not a Discus tank so don't get on me about doing things wrong. I introduced some snails. One of them must have been carrying a disease. I treated with Furan II in this planted tank and it nipped the problem fast. But a while later I noticed some of my plants not looking great. In all I think I lost all my Jungle Val. I have a few green sticks still left in the gravel so perhaps it isn't all lost. My Amazon sword took a hit. I've had that plant for 11 years. Nothing has ever bothered it. Even my Anubis was injured badly. My micro sword and Java fern were the only plants not injured by this.

I didn't know that this was supposed to happen! Just in case you planted tank Discus don't know it either, it can happen. My tank looks rather sparse right now, but it's will fill back in with time.