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Thread: I think I bit off more than I can chew....HELP!

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    Default I think I bit off more than I can chew....HELP!

    I have a 6 feet tank, 135g, almost cycled. Filters are fx6 and ac110. I've got sand substrate/driftwood. Just added, 3 amazon swords, 3 java ferns, 4 anubias nana, 4 medium anubias, and 1 large anubias. I have the fluval 3.0 PLANT LED 48". Tap water is HIGH pH, HARD water, keeping at 84F temp. (not ideal for discus/plants I know, but I've asked others that live here in Las Vegas, and they have had success). This will be a show tank with Discus/corys/cardinals/plecos. However...

    Iv'e never done a planted tank before, my questions are:

    1) Is this enough lighting? Or should I get two 36" Fluval 3.0 PLANT LEDs?
    2) How many hours should I be leaving the LEDs on for?
    3) I put in the seachem root tabs for the amazon swords. Do I need a liquid fertilizer though? And which one should I get? Will this effect any of the fish I put in?
    4) Looks like stagnant water below the fx6 output on the top left. Should I put a power head midway down to keep the flow moving right?
    4) Any other tips to keep these plants alive?
    5) When would be a good time to drop the discus in?

    Here's a video of the tank to get a better picture. Don't mind the beginning of the video of my African cichlid tank =].

    Huge post so definitely appreciate you guys helping me!!

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    Default Re: I think I bit off more than I can chew....HELP!

    1 that is a great light system very costumizable but probably needs to be on 100% for plants.Most of your plants are medium light plants so you should be o.k.
    2 start with about 7 hours and adjust down if algae becomes a problem or add if not.
    3 hard to answer depends on fish load.Watch the plants they will let you know but a light feeding can't hurt.
    4 can't tell but flow is important to keep temperature even throughout tank so yes.
    5 Remove any leafs that turn yellow or look bad as they make the plant use nourishment trying to save them,every 6 months or so remove the swords and cut back the roots to about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.this encourages new growth,remove any leafs that get algae.
    6 Discus can be added any time the tank is fully cycled and everything is settled.
    You have the beginnings of a beautiful tank,keep it simple and focus on fish health and water changes and more water changes.Good luck

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