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Thread: Just got stock in on the Blackworms

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    Exclamation Just got stock in on the Blackworms

    Hi all,
    My stock order arrived as planned. If you have ordered and were waiting for a back-ordered item it has now shipped.

    As you may know our Blackworms are a farmed product and as such supply can be affected by weather and climate conditions.This plus high demand and you have a recipe for a Hungry Fish Disaster!!!! This has happened in the past ( last year was a really bad year) and though its not certain what the future will bring, you can hedge your bets by ordering well in advance of when you will have run out. Our worms have a shelf life of 6 months + depending on storage. ... get them while you can. Your fish will be happy you did!

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    Default Re: Just got stock in on the Blackworms

    I never totally ran out but I was worried. Barb said that the fish in her shrimp tank went crazy for it. I put some in my shrimp tank and the neither the fish nor shrimp cared. On the other hand when I put the same amount in the Rainbow tank the fish went on a feeding frenzy. It was cool to see.
    Mama Bear

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