Hi SD Members,

I bought a couple of Pterophyllum altum - Altum Angelfish Wild Juveniles from John (Snookn21) couple of years ago and now they are adults.
1 Female and 2 Males, a pair are always hang out together but no sign of spawning.
Size: 5.5"- 6.0" (Lip to tail)
Length: 11" - 12"
They have been accustomed to regular aged water.
Ph= 6.8 - 7.0
Tempt. = 80 - 82 F.
Feeding them with Mysis Shrimp, bloodworms/ earthworms, floating pellets and flakes.

Due to my busy schedule, i am selling all 3 Altum Angelfish for $ 180.00
I will also include their tank mates 2 adult Discus (Red/White & Pigeon) for free.
I am very concern on shipping Adult Altum Discus because of their size, preferably pickup only in Bergenfield, New Jersey.

If someone is interested you can email me: rtteves@gmail.com Call or Text: 7325705548

Thank you for taking interest in this post.