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Thread: Fire Eel eats homemade Discus food!

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    Default Fire Eel eats homemade Discus food!

    Hey All,

    I know the fish in question isn't a Discus, but I'll be a monkey's uncle if he isn't eating my Discus food.

    My 25" Fire Eel has only ever had 1 thing on his mind : meat, preferably alive. For about a year now I've occasionally fed the community tank with the same BH/Seafood/Veggie mix I make for my Discus. Never once has he shown an interest. Keep in mind this stuff doesn't look like meat (more like mush), floats on the surface, and has vegetables in it.

    Since last week though, he can't get enough of it. This is crazy because Fire Eels are extremely picky eaters, I dare say more so than Discus.

    I'm very happy about this development. He's the star of my tanks and will now have a more varied, nutritious diet.


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    Default Re: Fire Eel eats homemade Discus food!

    Oh my, what a wonderful looking fish. Please start a new thread about your tank and this beautiful fish.

    BTW, I'm not surprised the eel loves it, considering all that you have in it. It can take time for a picky fish to take a new food over the food it has gotten used to.
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