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Thread: No Shipping until sometime after July21st, out of stock!

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    Default Re: No Shipping until sometime after July21st, out of stock!

    Hi all,
    I spent the last two days packing and shipping. To date all back orders have been filled now as stock has finally been received...Thats the good news. The bad news is I am mostly out of stock again. I still have some limited amounts of spinach combo, biopigment plus and loose original worms. I have zero original Cubes. What I have will go fast. I have no doubt I will be completely out of stock soon.Nows the time to order if its in stock.

    I do not know when I will get my next stock order in. I know the farm is back up and running but they are still back logged with orders. Its going to be a little shaky for the next month or two I am sure.

    My advice to all... Plan ahead. If you rely on these as your primary fish food....order a bag in advance of when you need it. It has the shelf life and will help avoid running out. Just store it cool or cold and it will last months.


    One last note. These delays the past 2 months have been incredibly frustrating. I would like nothing more than to bring in 10X what I do but I can't, even when there are no production issues,Supply is just not there. During this latest round of delays I was amazed though by my customers. With Very few exceptions everyone was extremely understanding which I can't thank you all for enough. Though I can not affect the stock situation when these issues arise, they do stress me out immensely. Your understanding helps more than you can know. Thank you all .
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    Default Re: No Shipping until sometime after July21st, out of stock!

    Thanks Al for taking care of us and our fishies

    I know I SURE appreciate it

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    Default Re: No Shipping until sometime after July21st, out of stock!

    I got mine today! My Discus are overjoyed and I can start letting my hair grow back.
    Mama Bear

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