Hello. About six weeks ago, my discus stopped eating. When I noticed it, another discus had stopped eating as well. I raised the temp and treated the show tank with metro. Within about two days, the other discus started eating. I continued the treatment for ten days, but my sick guy never started eating. At that point, I moved him to a quarantine tank. I raised the temperature to 96 and treated him for another 10 days with Metro. He continued to not eat. I gave him a weeks rest and then treated with Furan 2 in the event it was a bacterial infection. During the treatment, he developed what looks like hemorrhages around his nose. I finished the treatment, but did not follow the directions and treat for a second time. For the past couple of weeks, I have been doing daily water changes and just giving him clean water. I try feeding him every other day, (freeze dried black worms), but he wonít eat. He still has the hemorrhages around his nose. Other than his nose and not eating, he still looks good. He has been pooping what I believe to be intestinal wall since he hasnít eaten in weeks. Today I decided to up the temperature and try the heat treatment again. I swear I think if I put him back in the show tank, he would start to eat again - he just wonít eat because heís by himself. Of course, Iím afraid of him passing something on to the other fish. He still looks good, so itís hard to give up on him, but at what point do you throw in the towel? Could the hemorrhages be permanent and heís actually fine and just starving himself - does that sound ridiculous? I will try to take a picture tomorrow in better light, the hemorrhages donít show up well on pictures. Heís over five inches - really pretty. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!