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Thread: Tristan's Tropical Fish

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    Default Tristan's Tropical Fish

    This guy rocks. He has a professional set up. He's the a hobbyist breeder trying to make a go of it by using his aquarium maintenance business pretty much support's him. Tristan has a passion for Apistos. He has a great eye and selects his breeders carefully. It's like he knows each fish personally. He's free with his advice if you ask for it.

    Then their is his shipping...Each fish is bagged individually and double bagged same as Al does. He seals his bags with the sealing part done by the sealer part of a vacuum sealer. He buys these special styros that are the best I have ever seen. (I am actually hot for these boxes but they have to be bought in bulk so they're out of my range.)

    He is a young dude with a passion for fish. He's trying to make a living breeding fish. I'm sure he would dump the aquarium maintenance part if he could pay his bills breeding fish. I know that the odds are hugely against him but every once in a while a long shot pays off. Tristan deserves anyone's business who is into Apistos.
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    Default Re: Tristan's Tropical Fish

    How are the Rams doing? With puppy care I bet you hardly have time to look at fish??

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