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    Champion Discus specialize in the importation of quality discus fish. With array of different strains available every new shipment. We carry common but hardy strains and as well as those rare and unique mutations that will surely amaze.
    As always, we take pride in our discus, working closely with our breeder and following quarantine procedures to ensure that our stocks are healthy, vibrant and of quality form.

    We offer many different strains and sizes:

    *Spotted *Solid *Red *Blue *Yellow

    *Orange *Albino *Pattern *Striated

    *Heckle *Show potential

    *Small 2-3" inch *Med 3.5-4.5" inch *Lg 5-6.5" inch

    *Limited stocks, out of stock will be posted
    *Price subject to change without notice.....

    Discus keeping should be an enjoyment from the moment they arrive at your doorstep, so here at Champion Discus we ensure that every shipment follows our protocol and is inspected for health and quality prior to shipping them to our customers.

    Control Protocol Consist Of:
    *Quarantine procedures
    *Nutrition pack diet
    *Disease control & Visual monitoring
    *Sanitation (equipment & personnel)


    Center on creating the ultimate discus keeping experience. No longer will hobbyist feel the dullness of staring at a less than fascinating aquarium tank. Experience the wild Amazon river by recreating it in your home aquarium, close your eyes and imagine the endless possibilities --- Now capture a piece of the Wild Amazon.

    Our mission is to ensure our clients of quality live stock. What do we mean by quality?

    In terms of quality, not only are our discus fish of high quality but we ensure this quality aspect in everything our organization do. We ensure all live discus at our facility to be fed a balance nutritious diet, to be housed in clean and healthy holding tanks and to be handled gently by personnel.

    We go beyond...

    By working closely with our partners,Champion Discus ensure that our suppliers operate ethically. What do we mean by this? As an organization, we are committed to sustainability of the tropical discus fish. We are committed to a green environment, educating and working closely with our discus farms in taking the right action regarding waste and sustainability.We are committed to fair labor practice (no child labor, force labor, indenture service). With our actions and commitments, we aim to contribute to a healthier global trade environment.

    We welcome all new and advance hobbyist the chance to experience the beauty of discus keeping by owning your very own majestic and ethically sourced Champion Brand Discus.

    To share the experience and knowledge of discus keeping for generations to come.

    Here at Champion Discus, we will go far and beyond in providing the quality service that we believe in.

    Expect fast response:from our customer service team: email, instant chat, phone text.
    Count on us:Champion Discus acting on behalf of our customers, i.e with our wide network we can find that perfect discus for you.
    Emergency chat line: instant reponse from our team during those critical moments.

    Feel free to contact us before purchasing.Our customer service team will gladly assist with any questions you may have.

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