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Thread: My little puppies

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    They start out on a good quality puppy food (not fancy food, just good food). I soak it in water put it in a blender and add milk. I start this around 3 weeks. As they grow and get teeth I gradually change them to dry puppy food. At 5 months I gradually change them to adult food. They say to say puppy food for a full year, but I never have.

    I ended up keeping just 2. Brindle was too smart, the kind of dog that if it doesn't have a job to do it finds a job for itself that is destructive. That's how it was going. If I'd had the physical ability to train him in agility work he's have been fine. But my back kept me from being able to. He has such perfect structure and was incredibly athletic. I took him to the shelter with 3 others. I cried. But when I went to visit them 3 days later (I wanted to give them time to settle in) they had already been adopted.

    I kept Stubby and Pearl. Pearl is the medium blond one. The only female in the batch. She looks just like her father except for her color. Stubby is a cutie with his short little legs and upright ears. He looks like his mom.
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    Default Re: My little puppies

    Customers will think that these are very cute puppies that will smooth out any situation. In fact, I (like most people in the world) adore cats and dogs, especially at a young age. These lumps of wool grow very fast, so I always try to enjoy their small age to the maximum. The most important thing is that when these puppies grow up a little, they do not interfere with you and your clients, because it is very annoying and interferes with work. I advise you to teach them to listen to your commands from childhood. Also read here information about the prevention of certain diseases to prevent them in the future. And yes, we are all waiting for photos!
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