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Thread: So you took a great picture, now what?

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    Default So you took a great picture, now what?

    I was thinking on what the end point of my photography was and realized I rarely print anything anymore. I have a million (aka alot) of images from film days that were printed up as was the way of the time. I can sit down on couch with family and friends and look at these. If I want, I can hold the picture in my hand decades after I took it.
    Once digital images became the norm I initially kept up with printing them as it was habit but gradually I got into viewing them on digital screens because it was easier and cost effective. I have years worth of these images now archived on hard drives, posted on websites, on a digital picture frame(I never turn on).
    I feel like I have lost these images. I know I have them somewhere but to what end? Share them a second and they disappear into.the digital dusts of time. It got me thinking of how little I print now and wondering if I am missing something that was intrinsic to my photography hobby by not printing. I feel I am.

    I'm currently going through my images trying to organize them better and have decided to go back to my roots a bit and start printing them again. I know it will take more time and cost money but having a physical hard copy of that moment in time is something of personal value to me...Ive missed it in the digital age.

    Even if you use primarily a smart phone to record your pics verses a dslr camera this applies to you as well.
    Do you print your images much? at all? not as much as you used to? Why or why not?
    If you do print them where do you, at home or commercial business?

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    Default Re: So you took a great picture, now what?

    I have been known to have a print made if I really like an image. Not your ordinary paper print, but a metal print where the image is printed directly on a sheet of aluminum. I use or to make the metal prints.

    I usually have the image printed at 16 x 24, but did get crazy and have one printed at 24 x 36.

    Metal prints are ready to hang, water resistant (Bay Photo has a metal print outside their headquarters), scratch resistant, and usually less expensive and lighter than a traditional framed print of the same size.
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    Default Re: So you took a great picture, now what?

    Instagram is a great place to keep photos IMO. You can see progression and scroll through your history like a photobook

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    Default Re: So you took a great picture, now what?

    I have never taken a pic worthy of printing and I never will. I've bought a few from a professional photographer who used to hang around here more. I spent the money to have them framed as well. Framing ain't cheap, but the finish produce hanging on the wall made worth it.
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