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    Default Breeding Pair Question

    So out of the 6 Discus in my community tank, my male Blue Diamond and Yellow Female have paired up.
    They have done a pretty good job so far, as you can watch the female lay the eggs and the male fertilize them, keep the area protected, clean and the whole works.

    1st batch got to the wiggler stage, 2nd batch didn't get that far, due to the fact they had laid the eggs on a Gyre and it wasn't turned off in time, now there is a 3rd batch.

    Should I remove the pair to their own tank? I don't care too much for having babies, its more about, will the Discus get stressed with constantly laying eggs and them not surviving? Is it normal to have 3 batches within 3 weeks or so?
    Also, I think I have changed my view on having Discus in a community tank, just a bit too much work, so at this point if I wanted to sell the other 4 Discus and keep the Pair in the community tank, would that be fine as they are now a pair? Or do they still do better in a group?

    Thank you!
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