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Thread: Would Flourite be a good medium for flower bulbs?

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    Default Would Flourite be a good medium for flower bulbs?

    My wife bought some hyacinth and tulip bulbs. We planted most, but she wants to try to force/culture the rest in pots. She's considering pots with a gravel base. I have bags of Flourite gravel, Imagitarium and CarbSea sand, and some generic aquarium gravel. I expect the sand and gravel would be fine, but wondering if there's more to the Flourite to consider. I've got it around and not sure if I'll use it, but I can see how it might be expensive potting soil. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Would Flourite be a good medium for flower bulbs?

    Flourite is high in iron. the bulbs might like it, or the iron content could harm the bulb. Check to see if hyacinth and tulips like iron rich soil.
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