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Thread: Red or white mosquito larvae for BH mix?

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    Default Red or white mosquito larvae for BH mix?

    I wanted to included one of these in my BH mix. Which one would be the best option? Stendker discus webpage says we don't recommend red mosquito larvae. But my local pet store said differently.
    The reason why I want to include it in my BH mix is because the frozen food commercial available, which my discus loves the most consists of 30% mosquito larvae.

    Unfortunately I never had a better luck with discus loving my DIY BH mix.

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    Default Re: Red or white mosquito larvae for BH mix?

    I am all about what would the particular fish your keeping would have available to them in the wild ,and in your post you say your fish like a food you feed that has beefheart and mosquito larvae so if you break it down ,what do they like and what are they more apt to find in the wild and you also have to understand where beefheart oringinated in the fish food world, I personally would go with the red or white larvae.


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