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He's a pretty boy either way mate, and def looks in the genetic range of a wild type. His striations look like a full royal blue and he has a faint black Halo detectable as well. Either way they're a nice match for a pair and the fry will look awesome! Good for you mate
I've always liked to imagine him that way--funny that his status would rise if I could legitimately call him an "F1 Full Royal Blue" rather than "a domestic turquoise discus"--but that's how it goes! Still, thanks for the sentiments. I do really appreciate wilds and would be happy to see those characteristics in any I can raise. I'm definitely hopeful about the fry and am looking forward to seeing if I can manage the growout from this point.

On that score, I have a second hatchery coming now along with some of the prepackaged bbs (the latter arriving tomorrow), as it's obvious the fry are big enough to really start eating, and I'd like to make it easy for them. I should probably start another thread somewhere if I'm going to track their progress.