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Thread: Shan's First Discus Journey

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    Default Re: Shan's First Discus Journey

    The Eclipse comes with bit and template .
    I have one that I never got around to installing for a paladarium .
    I like the looks of it and think they are probably one of the best designs I have seen .
    You will be drilling closer to the top with most setups .
    A steady flow at near surface level will be quieter then a sucking hole 4 inches below the surface.
    The box/weir is a waterfall and will make some noise depending on flow .
    For noise from back of box I always had a towel over mine since the 1980's .
    Even with CPR overflows that had acrylic covers ..They were still loud or the loudest thing ..
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    Default Re: Shan's First Discus Journey

    Great idea with using some spare small tanks lying around to dry fit test as well as flow adjust. Good for a first timer like me. Also I'm glad to hear your feedback Tom. I will have to manage with a bit of trial and error but I'm sure I can figure it out as I go.

    In other news, built this stand with my friend's help. Decorative paneling will come in the next few weeks I hope.


    Also found a good deal for a fiji cube similar 800gph overflow and jumped on it. Will be messing around once it all gets here in a week or 2.


    Also other news regarding the discus -

    QT is over for my 3 newer ones and I've put all 4 back into my main tank. One of the 4 that I took out as a test fish actually stopped eating for some reason a few days before I took him out, but as soon as I put him in the QT tank, he gobbled everything up and became a massive bully to the new 3 turqs. All of that doesn't matter now as all 14 are together now.

    Also cleaning the tank more often since my own beefheart mix is a bit messier than I anticipated. Should have added krill mix.


    A few concerns. Ever since I received the 3 turqs, 1 of them has acted kind of odd.

    He will still eat, swim, and mingle with all the other discus but I will occasionally find him slight tail standing (at an angle). He isn't always at the top of the tank (I have plenty of surface agitation), so I don't think its an oxygen issue. But he seems fine none the less.

    My red scribblet has not been eating since the final levamisole treatment. Hoping he starts to soon. Will continue to do water changes and watch them closely. Helping a freind move today, so a video will come around tomorrow. Thank you all again for your help in my 125 setup
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