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Thread: Chickens, chickens, chickens

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    Today is day 7 in the incubator. I tried candling my eggs, but it was my first time and I wasn't seeing what the photos told me I was supposed to be seeing. I freaked and asked my neighbor to come to my rescue and she did .

    I could see better with her flashlight and it helped a whole lot to have a calm experienced person to help me see things. Turns out that the pics are made by candling experts who have the best lighting as well as excellent camera equipment.

    We found only 1 for sure dead egg. A great many of the Bielefelder eggs were questionable and most of the Lavender Orpington eggs were for sure good.

    I'm going to leave the eggs alone for 5 days and check again. I will see if the questionable eggs have progressed or if they have died.

    I'm disappointed in the Bielefelders. I thought the breed would be better for me with my unconventional chicken keeping ways. The Bielefelders like being outdoors and will roost in trees . The Orpingon's are snuggle bunnies. They will be sitting bunnies for a fox, and I won't dare forget to close the hen house door at night. It's an Orpington female I will name April and turn into a real pet. It will be hard to give her the free life animals deserve and keep them safe at the same time. I'll worry about her a lot.
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