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Thread: I've gone and done it again

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    Default I've gone and done it again

    I've been thinking about Sterbai on and off for a long time. Here lately I've been thinking about them more often. So what do I go and do the moment I have a little bit of spare money in my pocket? I go into the LFS and have them order me 6 sterbai. I'm sure that these will be little guys, but you never know what size is coming in from their wholesaler. I ordered 6 but I've been wondering if I should buy 12. I need to call them back before they order any way. Would 12 be a good number for a 100 gallon tank? If they're small should I get a 60 wide ready for them? I hear they do well in a BB tank, but then, I've also heard that they like do dig in the sand. Anyone know?
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    I say buy a lot. Sometimes Corys can have really random deaths, even if your water is good or suitable for them. I had 21 pandas, now I only have 12 left and they have been doing fine for months. Then I recently bought 6 emerald adult corydoras and they are also doing fine. Corydoras are extremely great addition to the tank. They do love to burrow everywhere in the sand and pick up and fbw that discus didnt eat. But yeah I would recommend buying more than 12 just in case some might pass. I read some articles saying it's their toxins that kills each other but I don't think its true. From research about them, corys just die randomly through shipments or even when arrive home.

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    Liz is this going to be a cory only tank, if so I like the aqueon 33gal, 4ft long only 13 in deep, lots of surface area great for cats and I would get at least 15 fish


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