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Thread: Absolutely Beautiful Discus from Kenny!

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    Default Absolutely Beautiful Discus from Kenny!

    Hello My Fellow Discus Lovers!

    Every year when my birthday comes around my family starts asking me what I want as a present and I always tell them that I just want more Discus. So every January I end up buying a couple fish from Kenny. Over the years I’ve bought a good amount of Discus from Kenny and they’re always super healthy and gorgeous but the two I got this year are really special!

    All of the Discus pictured are from Kenny but the two new ones I purchased this month Name:  B06AA4AA-F17C-4C2E-94CE-4E2373C67069.jpg
Views: 345
Size:  111.8 KBName:  7AF7056A-21B4-48B2-A25B-CAEFA8F6069B.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  107.4 KBName:  0EEEEF95-D3DB-4723-B072-B7A9DB6AD04B.jpg
Views: 346
Size:  127.2 KBName:  7FF0D5A2-54B1-4D78-84B6-CBA42483741E.jpg
Views: 343
Size:  129.6 KBName:  AA0F21DB-39D4-4F4B-8FB3-92578A59E5EC.jpg
Views: 341
Size:  83.0 KBName:  D8713515-DD05-4266-B0BF-6B118D790112.jpg
Views: 343
Size:  82.9 KBName:  75CAE9FD-355A-4B8F-9922-45CCF534588E.jpg
Views: 342
Size:  75.6 KBName:  DBE43A11-5F62-4074-AE9F-A82F4AEDBB02.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  113.2 KBName:  ED9B1695-58EF-4D7D-9566-9849F477C081.jpg
Views: 343
Size:  158.6 KBare the following:

    5-5.5" 3R aka Royal Ruby Red
    4.5-5" Red Eagle

    Thanks Kenny! They’re perfect!


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    Default Re: Absolutely Beautiful Discus from Kenny!

    We’re lucky to have him! His customer service and knowledge of Discus is over the top! I have many stories and examples of his generosity, but I would be here all day! I’m a lucky man, I have 10 large Discus being delivered to me on Tuesday and I can’t wait!

    Thanks Kenny!!

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    Default Re: Absolutely Beautiful Discus from Kenny!

    Dawn, Bill;

    Thanks so much for your great support and feedback! I greatly appreciate it! Always my pleasure working with you!

    Tel: (650) 290-1283
    Email: kennysdiscus@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.kennysdiscus.net/
    To receive future monthly shipment notifications click here: http://eepurl.com/bBqhK5

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