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Thread: Kenny Chuengs Discus Review

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    Default Kenny Chuengs Discus Review

    Ordered two discus from Kenny, 1 6+ Penang Eruption and 1 4 Tiger Turq. From the start Kenny was very helpful with questions and information. He even held them an extra week after quarantine for me as I was in the middle of moving from Southern California to Northern California. I have bought discus from local fish stores, distributors and Craigslist. His fish have been the most expensive but far worth the extra penny. You really get what you pay for with Kenny. I have had the fish for a week now and they have been doing excellent. Eating and pooping healthily. I highly recommend Kenny to any one looking to buy online. He also gave me the exact fishes I asked for from his pictures. 5/5 stars

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    Yes......Kenny is da man. He and his fish are what makes Discus keeping great for me. 10/5 stars

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