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Thread: I hatch rams too ;)

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    Default Re: I hatch rams too ;)

    It had been nothing but rain for weeks here. You should see my poor long dirt road. I was actually out in the rain last week digging little ditches to help the drain the huge puddles before my little Fiat 500 drowned in one.

    I'm not forgetful like that in my real job. I have everything arranged so I know exactly where it's place is. It's all the stuff that I have to figure out as I go because I thought I had it figured out before I started that wups my arse. God help me with a construction project or small engine repair. I can give myself credit for muddling through, only.

    I have a sneaky feeling that Roobios tea is no longer working as it did for years. My dear friend, Dottie Miller is sending me an RO unit that no longer uses. Old timers or others going to NADA shows should know Dottie. She's no longer active here, but she has attended every single NADA and is one of the founding members. Let's hope the RO unit turns things around for me. I wasn't put on this earth to watch fish. I was put here to breed them!
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