I'm up in Canada and was a professional musician by trade pretty much all my life. 35 years as a touring , recording guitar player. I was introduced to discus in the early 70s by a neighbour who kept wild ones. I also had about 6 tanks going but no discus yet. Fast forward.... In around 1985 after "playing out" and touring since 1979, I started a home studio and was producing records at home. That's when I started keeping discus By 1987 I had successfully bred them (wasn't easy back then!!) but landed up selling everything "discus" to go back out on tour in 1989. Fast forward again to 3 years ago and I started keeping discus again. At first I was buying adults but landed up selling them and buying 1/2 a spawn (35 fish) off a breeder in Montreal. They were/ are a blue diamond cross albino strain. As they grew, I sold some off to make room....Anyway, 2 years later and a lot of patience and as of today, I have fry on the backs of a pair. I'll post a couple of short videos in the breeding section.
Thanks for a great site with loads of great info!