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Thread: Train discus to eat palette

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    Default Train discus to eat palette

    I have 4 discuss
    Three 2 to 2.5 inch bought from one breeder and one 3 inch bought a week later

    The first 3 discuss eat only dried tubeflex that too after 3-4 days of trying to feed them Tetra bits

    The 4 discuss started eating the very next day
    It eat Tetra bits

    Now I want to train my other 3 fishes to eat Tetra bits

    I have some tetras and 2 siamese algae eater in dirted planted aquariam

    As if I feed excess food the Tetra and siamese algae eater jumps on the food and leave less chance for the other 3 discuss to be starved and layer try the flake food

    Should I put them in my spare tank
    About 5 gallon and starve them there and then feed Tetra bits

    Pls advice

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    Default Re: Train discus to eat palette

    I would just feed as normal. The algae eaters are not good tank mates for discus and will harass them and compete for food. Maybe try feeding at different locations in the tank, or better yet, get rid of the algae eaters...

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    Default Re: Train discus to eat palette

    You can crank the temp to 94F to get them nice and hungry. That usually works for me. Note that I don't know if the neon tetra and plecos would handle such temperatures, so one or the other would have to go to a different tank. The plants would melt also.
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