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Thread: Discus Madness

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    Default Discus Madness

    I just had a wonderful experience with discus madness. Purchased a female santarem and a green hued cobalt female (much nicer coloration than the german flatchen I have)

    From the beginning, very responsive and more than happy to send me multiple pictures for me to judge and choose the individual fish.

    Packaged and shipped well.

    Only issue was that my wife found out and called me delusional for sneaking in an order in behind her back.

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    Default Re: Discus Madness

    I am also a big fan of DM !
    I try to make the 3 hour [one way] drive a couple times a year to visit them in person .
    Both Mathias [owner] and Mike [staff] along with the other staff there are really great ..
    They were my source for my original black rams in 2017 and my Zebra plecos twice last year !
    ^^ My fish room tour by Richsfishes ^^
    Got rams ?

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