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Thread: treating gill flukes

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    Default treating gill flukes

    I started out with 10 discus in a 50 gal. tank that had gill flukes 4 of them very slightly 4 of the others where at a more advance state as the gill was a lot larger where infected and 2 of them had it really bad. So I treated with potassium permanganate pp for short. I have treated them 5 times using 2.5 mil of pp every 4 days. The first 4 show no signs of gill problems the second 4 you have to look very hard to see but they are there. And the last 2 are still very bad but seem to be 40% better. Is this usual for how the treatment works with more treatments or do u think it should all gone on the discus. Thank u for any info.

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    Default Re: treating gill flukes

    It takes about a month to rid them completely. I treated about every 5-6 days for about a month or for 5 treatments. It takes awhile. I used prazi, but pp should work. Some even use formaline.

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