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Thread: Giving Away My Wild Discus

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    Default Giving Away My Wild Discus

    I have three wild discus fish (1 blue face Heckel and 2 wild Greens purchased from Jack Wattley last year). They have been with me for more than 1.5 years and still live happily in a bare-bottom tank. I have never lost any wild discus probably due to all the knowledge learned from this website and knowledgeable fish vets.

    Due to my study, I have to move to San Francisco from Columbus, Ohio. It is not feasible to bring the fish with me as I have to settle down first. Therefore, I would like to find my fish an experienced and responsible hobbyist (Free Fish for the Correct Person).

    1. All three fish are about 5-6 inch.
    2. Those fish have been dewormed by Metro, Prazi and Levamisole HCL. When I first got the fish last year June, they underwent a 3-month quarantine.
    3. I have never ever fed them with live food. They eat homemade beef heart mixture only.
    4. I perform daily water change after feeding (35% water). My 40-gallon bare-bottom tank has a Tetra Pond UV (9W) and a 7W UV from a large canister filter.
    5. I do not see any issue for them to live in Columbus aged tap water which has ph=7.3 and TDS=200-300. However, I do believe that they will look gorgeous in soft acidic water.

    In short, I care about my fish and hope to find them a safe and proper home. Please contact me for more info.

    I really appreciate your help.
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    Default Re: Giving Away My Wild Discus

    Jim in Ohio reached out to you. He's experienced. I also suggested Bud Smith near Lima OH. No go with either of these experienced discus keepers??

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