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Oh my word that is going to be a beautiful tank. Actually it's beautiful already. I don't have the patience to take care of the upkeep of a tank like that.

Do you know what variety of rainbows you raised by accident. I realized that I raised some myself by accident when I moved a plant on driftwood from the rainbow tank to a black ram breeding tank. The rainbows and ram eggs must have gone free swimming at the same time because the parents took care of both spawns. Mine have the characters of Australians judging by color and body shape but they are mostly just small silver fish with a split dorsal. They could easily be a cross.
Yeap, people often report frequent spawns in community tanks. I hope I don't get fry. No plan to raise them.

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It is beautiful Mauro! The blue back ground is perfect for the plants.
Thank you, Barb.

Fifth day with CO2, but not all is well. The Alternanthera Reineckii "Mini" are melting:

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Well, there is always a learning curve. I hope that I will have no more setbacks. I was counting on these plants...