Ka'Kar Discus is an international distributor of high quality discus. I want to make it clear, I have not actually purchased any fish from Ka'Kar.

I did place an order for some fantastic looking "Brilliant Turquoise", but he only had two left in stock and I wanted six. He offered to fill the remainder of the order with any of a selection of other great looking fish, "Golden Rafflesia", "Full-face Leopard", etc. for the same price as the BTs (all of those offered were normally more expensive), but I wanted a single strain.

The prices are a bit on the high side, but the fish are unbelievable. He imports discus from premium grade discus farms in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. He may import from other countries as well, I'm not sure. In any case, the guy's located in Thailand and been in business for 30 years. Someone did a video tour of his original shop (he's since relocated) a few years ago and posted it to Youtube.

Unfortunately, like everyone else in Asia, he conducts his business via Facebook. He does speak English (sort of) if you get him on the phone, and he will respond to messages in English. You can copy and paste the Thai descriptions on his Facebook page into Google Translate if you're interested in something in particular. He gets new stock in at least once or twice a week and posts photos.

As far as I know, he ships to pretty much anywhere in the world. I'm fairly certain he will ship to the U.S. I'm not sure what his minimum order would be to do so, but you can always ask if you're interested. Link follows: