I installed a different photo software when I got my new computer because I couldn't find the one I'd used since time began. I would not have done this if I'd had a choice. I hate learning to do new things on a computer. I can do minor electric, very rough carpentry, and normal small engine work. It's the computer stuff that's so hard for me to learn and get used to. God knows when I'll ever get my printer set up so it works.

But now that I have new babies grazing on parents backs I will have to learn by doing. I want to be able to do my best before I show off the new additions. It was free, just like old faithful so I know it can't be fancy. But any software that can clone is darned good as far as I'm concerned. I learned to clone back in the ancient past when people were starting to feel the need for computers. It was my first computer and it had photo software to die for.