I decided to no longer breed my Dutch Blue Rams (they look the same as the German Blues). Nobody seemed interested in them until I started taking them to the LPS, then suddenly all sorts of folks inquired about buying them. Mine were getting pretty long in the tooth and I didn't feel right about shipping fish that wouldn't have much longer to live but since I had so many inquiries I did separate a pair to a breeding tank. They did nothing for almost 3 weeks until the night before the morning I was going to take them, along with the last of the others when they decided to spawn! I snagged the spawn and put it in RO. I guess I'm a Dutch Blue Ram breeder again!

At the same time as the Dutch Blues were breeding so were a pair of Blacks. I snagged that spawn too. I promised the male of the pair to a customer who needed just a male.

But the most interesting thing is that around 2 weeks ago another pair that I had sold but had not yet shipped off spawned. I snagged that batch and just as happened once before every single fry is black. I wish I hadn't sold that pair. I sure hope the guy who bought them knows what he's doing and takes good care of them. A pair like that is valuable.