Hi all,
Just a quick note here... last year I had to redo the entire storefront from scratch at AquaticSuppliers.com. The software we used was obsolete. It turned out for the best as I got do some things with the website that I could not do before. Theres a nice shopping cart, videos, blog, etc. I am happy with it..but it was a pain at the time. If you haven't stopped by, check it out. I still carry Freeze Dried Australian Blackworms , like I have for years, and I was able to get my Diskus Gold back in stock as well as my Discus Chow Pellets.,. New products on the way as well so check in from time to time.. If you haven't been there in a year to order, be sure to open a new account ..the old info did not carry over to the new site unfortunately.

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