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Thread: Breeding by the seat of my pants

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    Default Re: Breeding by the seat of my pants

    The pair ended up eating their own kids, but their foster kids are now 10 days old. They've started to leave their parent's side to hunt BBS. They even pick around on the bottom of the tank. Both parents share having the fry on their backs. I love it when swim past each other and switch parental duties. This a fun time to watch them.
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    Default Re: Breeding by the seat of my pants

    Glad there's at least some that are thriving for you!

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    Default Re: Breeding by the seat of my pants

    Quote Originally Posted by LizStreithorst View Post
    Al, what's up with the goldfish bowl over the breeding cone?
    Thats for artificial rearing..Right now its just place I don't wind up using that space for something else . I use that setup to hatch eggs..eggs on the cone..add to water and air stone.. water bath with heater in the 10 gal tank keep the goldfish bowl at the temp I want..then I can just pour the fry into the 10 gal tank when I want to and rear there... no shock. It works well for me for discus, angels, etc.I even used it for axolotls when I first started with them ( no heater needed)

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