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Thread: New member starting Discus

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    Default New member starting Discus

    Hello, My name is Bill and a new member to Simply Discus. I've been raising tropical fish most of my life and have always wanted to have Discus. Now that I'm retiring from Paramedics I'll have plenty of time for them. I presently have a 55 gal with a school of Neons and some cordys, a few other tetras. I acquired 4 juvenile royal purple discus in mid December from a breeder in Florida which I started out in my 10 gal isolation tank. They seem to be eating well, growing and appear to be happy in my 55 gal aquarium. I have several other tanks to set up when I plan to expand. After reading several threads about new juveniles, I probably should have them in a smaller tank by themselves to grow out. I have a RO and water changing system established with a heated 55 gal holding tank with pump with water change several times a week. Looking forward to learning from all of you in this forum with the years of experience in raising these beautiful discus. I appreciate this opportunity to share with you.
    juvinile discus Jan 30 edited.jpg discus 55 gal.jpgclose up 2.jpg
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    Default Re: New member starting Discus

    Welcome!! Enjoy your retirement! I just retired in June . Life is good .

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    Default Re: New member starting Discus

    Welcome, Bill! Good luck with your retirement as well as your new hobby!!

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